Absorption heat pumps

Utilisation of surplus heat and maximum energy effiency

Increase the efficiency

and lower the heating costs

An absorption heat pump is a natural part of a green and efficient energy system. The machine is ideal for utilizing heat at low temperatures, thus recovering energy that would otherwise be wasted. Heat pumps can be integrated with solar heating systems, geothermal, biomass and waste heat. The environment benefits from reduced emissions while the end-users benefit from lower energy prices.

Large absorption heat pumps are therefore a cornerstone in a sustainable energy system, since the heat pumps can utilize waste energy at low temperatures and convert this to usable energy at high temperatures. The principle is the same when the machine is used as a chiller, in this case the only difference is that it is the cold side of the machine that is utilized for cooling and air conditioning purposes. An absorption heat pump is a robust investment characterized by high flexibility and a short payback period.