An absorption heat pump is a natural part of a green and efficient energy system. The machine is ideal for utilising heat at low temperatures, thus recovering energy that would otherwise be wasted.

You can find a selection of our projects and references below, but please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

Horsens District Heating

Enexio has supplied an absorption heat pump to the new plant in Horsens, which is to cool the flue gas from the biomass boiler. The heat pump, which is Denmark’s largest, breaks all records. The total heat output from the machine is 17 MW, the heat pump is 12 metres long and when in operation weighs a total of 120 tonnes.

The New University Hospital – Skejby

Enexio has supplied a 3 MW absorption chiller for the new university hospital DNU in Skejby, Aarhus. During summer operation, the waste heat is disposed in roof top cooling towers, while the waste heat in winter can be utilised for heating in the hospital’s local district heating network.

Grenaa Heating Plant

Enexio has supplied two absorption heat pumps, each 2 MW for cooling the flue gases from the new chip-fired heating plant in Grenaa. The heat pumps cool the flue gases to 17°C, thereby making maximum use of the energy in the fuel. The heat pumps heat the district heating water from 45°C to 65°C, which is delivered direct to district heating consumers as efficient and green district heating.

Maribo Heating Plant

Enexio has supplied the new Maribo Heating Plant with an absorption heat pump yielding additionally 1.7 MW heat for the 10 MW biomass boiler from Verdo Energy.